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Moshe Kam elected IEEE 2010 President-Elect

Dear IEEE Colleagues:

I was told a few hours ago that I was elected to be your IEEE President-elect for 2010 (and the 49th President of IEEE and its Chief Executive Officer in 2011). 

I am thankful to all members who voted in the annual election. I am also thankful to the other two candidates – Mr. Joseph Lillie and Dr. Roberto DeMarca, who have waged a strong and at times valiant campaign.  I have communicated with both of them after the results were provided to us, and they were as always gracious, supportive, and ready to do whatever is needed for the good of IEEE. 

I am especially grateful to the members who voted for me – this time and in 2008 – and for the hundreds of IEEE volunteers who assisted my effort around the globe.  These volunteers are too numerous to mention here but I would like to single out for praise and appreciation my friends Pramod Abichandani, Ram Achuthanandam, Li Bai, Ofer Barnea, Nick Daoudian, Alex Fridman, David Irwin, Marcel Keschner, and Jennifer Ng. 

Many long time volunteers have shown interest in my candidacy, and provided me with invaluable advice.  They include Eli Fromm, Peter Steacker, Dusty Fisher, Eric Herz, Litsa Micheli-Tzanakou and Maurice Papo.  The Philadelphia Section has always been a home and source of assistance and counsel to me, and I forever am in the debt of the late Jerry Gordon and Bill Middleton under whose influence I have grown to become a volunteer in the Philadelphia Section.  I was introduced to IEEE activities in Tel Aviv University by Professors Ray Boxman, Hanoch Ur, Nadav Levanon and Emanuel Marom. 

I was inspired and counseled by several past Presidents of IEEE, including Richard Gowen, Joseph Bordogna, Bruce Eisenstein, Arthur Winston, Michael Lightner, and Leah Jamieson.  I hope to be worthy of their advice and kindness as I seek to follow in their footsteps.  I look forward to working with the incumbent Presidents Lew Terman, John Vig, and my long time friend Pedro Ray. 

The election effort put me in close touch with many members.  I spoke to thousands, and had conversations with many hundreds. I have learned a lot from you, you have motivated me and encouraged me, and I will use what I heard from you to guide my activities and inform my plans.  I will also need your continued advice, assistance and support in the years ahead.

As diverse as the membership of IEEE is, at the core we all share a common belief in the importance of the profession and its potential to do good for humanity.  Together, we, Engineers, Computer Scientists, Physicists and Life Science Experts are responsible for improving human welfare, protecting the environment, contributing to stability and economic progress, and making life on this planet safer, richer, and more meaningful.   

I approach the role of IEEE President-Elect with great humility and with a strong sense of purpose.  IEEE is a public asset, of which the leaders of IEEE are merely servants and stewards.  We are obligated to make our organization stronger, more relevant, more useful and more effective, so that many generations ahead of us can benefit from IEEE’s leading role and its contribution to humankind.

It has been great privilege and honor to be a candidate for President Elect.  It will be an even greater honor to actually serve in this position.  I look forward to working for you and with you.  We are capable of great deeds together, and we will take IEEE from strength to strength.  Thank you. 

Moshe Kam
+1 267 241 4896

Moshe Kam ( ) ECE Department, Drexel University, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
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