Moshe Kam IEEE President
IEEE Professional Activities in Arequipa, Peru If elected, my main mission would be to confront the challenges facing IEEE “head on.”  Accordingly, I will:
  • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure IEEE’s successful operations and development in the face of a global economic downturn.  This is an opportunity for us to concentrate on our core activities, shed unnecessary operations, and renew and strengthen our ties to our members and customers.  We should also seek strategic alliances, including mergers and acquisitions that will strengthen IEEE in the long run.   We should take advantage of the availability of many professionals on the job market, and hire new staff wisely to increase the talent pool in our offices and centers around the world. 
  • Propose and encourage new initiatives that would focus on practicing engineers such as
    • Create a Professional Activities Board in IEEE to address the challenges of practitioners and help with training, networking, employment, and continuing education.
    • Develop IEEE publications and services for practicing engineers – including IEEE Application Notes, IEEE Technological News feeds, and annotated selections of application-focused papers as well as introduction to technical standards.
    • Develop IEEE certification programs, on line educational modules and  workshops on IEEE standards
    • Introduce corporate membership in IEEE – allow companies in our field to become corporate members (including an option for their engineers, scientists and technologist to join IEEE as a group).
  • Develop new means to incorporate into IEEE’s portfolio new technologies and technical areas that fit the Institute’s mission (such as new disciplines from the interface between Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Life Sciences).
  • Increase the value of membership by providing our members with more choices in selecting membership options and services. Allow members more freedom in deciding which IEEE activities and subscriptions they wish to support, participate in (and pay for).
  • Propose and encourage extensive testing of new publishing and access models that would address IEEE’s concerns about Open Access and add new dissemination modes such as blogs, social networking, Wikipedia-style projects and podcasts to IEEE’s arsenal.
  • Develop, propose and advocate plans to simplify decision making processes in IEEE, and “flatten” the organization.  We need to challenge the current complexity and slow pace of our decision making bodies, and make sure we are quick enough to respond to the member needs and to the changing markets. .
Identify target groups that work in our fields of interest but are not part of IEEE at present – and recruit them actively.  These groups include practitioners and researchers in multimedia, entertainment technology, life sciences and bio-medical applications.  Another target group is teachers of technology and science.
Moshe Kam ( ) ECE Department, Drexel University, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
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